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OK, to anyway actually READING THIS; my gallery has 4 kinds of artwork:

-OLDs: Old drawings it took pictures of, very bad quality
-Sprites: Animations, Icons/Avatars, and Pixel Art
-NEWs: Drawings I scanned and even Colored w/ either Pencil of MS Paint


Riptor Profile by Marioshi64
Riptor Profile
Had to draw this beauty again, after finally playing as her and the rest of the season 2 cast, I have to say that Killer Instinct is the PERFECT fighting game.  It's got the combos of Mahvel, the tech and strategies of Street Fighter and the awesome characters that gives even the All Stars in Smash Bros a run for their money.

(Rare / Microsoft / Iron Galaxy)
The Mantis Family by Marioshi64
The Mantis Family
So this is my first project for my "Illustration for Film/Animation" class.  We were given a generic script and had to make characters based on three of the characters in the story.  It was quite obvious that the script was from The Adams Family, as they were serving live insects and using deadly weapons in a manor of ironically delightful relatives.  I figured, hey what else eats bugs and is overall creepy?  More bugs of course!  Guess that phase hasn't left me yet... hehe.

First and foremost I had to make the charming father a praying mantis.  After all, they are the most dedicated of mates, seeing as they sacrifice themselves for their lovers.  I went for a sort of colorful, Peewee Herman-like style for him (Some mentioned he's like a mantis Doctor Who as well.).  Same with the pose, because his upper arms are a lot like big sleeves, allowing for fun expressions.  In his early years, those scythes were great for his butchering career.  Climbing up the ranks he now owns a small, yet very successful chain of delis.

I wanted one of the characters to have the goth look of the actual Adams Family.  Say hello to the lovely non-widow black widow.  While Father Mantis has a pair of legs and walks like a biped, Mrs. Widow scuttles like Marvin the Martian, under her graceful Victorian styled dress.  I also gave her a beehive wig, but it's an actual beehive for snacking.  And what's an over-the-top goth monster without some red rum in a champagne glass?  By the way, because I couldn't resist the terrible pun: she's a web designer.

Finally, I really wanted to do the gross-hairy uncle cliche.  Moths are ridiculously hairy, and for the most part are like the grungy version of butterflies: it works.  He lost one of his wings in the war, never wears a belt, and nobody knows how he's related to the family, but they love his company because he's always in a good mood and he has a contagious, scruffy laugh.  Hes also knows more than you'd think about tech, especially ventilation systems.
Samus Doodle Colored by Marioshi64
Samus Doodle Colored
Hey I haven't been here in a while, well here's a Metroid for you :3

If you follow me on Tumblr you'd seen this one just a few hours ago uncolored.

Riptor's Return by Marioshi64
Riptor's Return
I've waited a long time for this moment.  Riptor is finally back in the new Killer Instinct and I'm loving everything about her.  She's a ROBOT Dinosaur, and can maul the crap out of her victims.  I haven't actually played as her yet, but man I'm gunna have so much fun when I get the chance.

(I'm almost gunna buy a 400$ console for ONE character...)


Mario Ramirez
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
Greetins all, the name's Mario! Please refrain from all Super Mario related jokes, I've head them more than enough times...

Anyway, as my name would suggest, I LOVE Video Games; NINTENDO Video Games. I love their characters, setting, music, EVERYTHING. I want to be a Video Game Designer someday, but not just any game designer; one that makes games with amazing 2-D Graphics, like Walt Disney/Genndy Tartakovsky Animation in a Video Game.

And of course, my iconic character is Flecko, the Obnoxious Tiger Gecko. He'll be my Action/Platform character while my gang of giant monsters will star in my fighting game, ASS KICKER 3!

So get ready Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft; cuz in a few years, I'm coming for ALL YALL, and I don't give up that easily!


"Normal" is a difficulty setting for wusses!

Current Residence: Chicago
Favourite genre of music: Video Game Soundtracks (Chiptunes/Remixes)
Favourite style of art: CarTOON (Concept / Animation)
Operating System: Robotic Operating Buddy (he'll be back...)
MP3 player of choice:
Wallpaper of choice: ""
Favourite cartoon character: Flecko (mine), as well as Master Shake, Shnitzel, Numbah 2, Eddy, Muscle Man,Coach McGuirk, SOOS
Personal Quote: "Normal" is a difficulty setting for wusses!
As most of you know, Nintendo is dropping the bomb tomorrow by releasing both Pokemon and Smash Wii U.  So, why not amp the hype by presenting this cartoon I did.…

I'll upload it to youtube soon as well if it plays better there.  Hope you enjoy cuz I worked so hard on this...
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